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NO to the closure of Stocksbridge Leisure Centre

We the undersigned petition the Council to : scrap any plans for the closure of Stockbridge Leisure Centre and ensure that this vital facility remains available to the community.

Stockbridge Leisure Centre is of huge importance to the people of Stocksbridge and the surrounding area. It is important both historically and in the everyday life of the community.

Its closure would greatly damage the wellbeing of the area; both socially and in terms of physical and mental health.

For many people, having to travel into Sheffield would make their activities unfeasible or impossible - particularly older people, those who are already disadvantaged or vulnerable, and children and young people taking part after-school or evening activities.

The government is very keen for us to live healthy, active lifestyles. After a fantastic year of sport, people of all ages have been inspired to get active and enjoy exercise. Loss of our sports facilities would send a message that this is not really a priority after all.

We understand that cuts are needed, however Stocksbridge has relatively few leisure facilities as it is.

Please help us to keep this one.

Many thanks.

Started by: Suzanne Senior

This e-Petition ran from 12/01/2013 to 05/02/2013 and has now finished.

1498 people signed this e-Petition.