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Keep SHEFFIELD Eagles in Sheffield

We the undersigned petition the Council to : We the undersigned would like to express our concern for the future of our club SHEFFIELD Eagles.   It’s taken 13 years for Mark Aston and his team to recover from being disbanded to where we are today the current CHAMPIONS of the Championship League.   He’s worked tirelessly within the community to encourage young people to be involved in the game, some of which have already gone on to play in our first team.  Sheffield prides itself on being a City of Sports and now Sheffield Eagles are asking the council to ensure their future is in Sheffield and not in doubt.   We would like the council to reassure us that this work has not been in vain and to keep Sheffield Eagles in SHEFFIELD.  We are probably the most successfulteam that Sheffield has had in recent years. 

We want the council to help the Sheffield Eagles remain in Sheffield by helping with fundings, like they have offered to help the athletics relocate now the Don Valley Stadium is to be demolished.

Started by: Katie peat

This e-Petition ran from 14/09/2013 to 01/04/2014 and has now finished.

571 people signed this e-Petition.